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We would love to discuss the possibility of a partnership with you and DOTM to help homeless at-risk dogs in here in Florida. Please review the below information and then fill out the short application.
In Florida, the municipal shelters that we work with receive a combined 38,000 pets per year as open admission shelters. The daily goal is to save as many lives as possible through adoptions, partnerships with other animal welfare organizations, or reuniting lost pets with their families. Unfortunately, these shelters are forced to euthanize thousands of beautiful pets every year and they are working hard to change that. They have partnered with our non-profit, DOGS ON THE MOVE by Pawsitive4LIFE, Inc. to successfully transport over 3,000 urgent dogs since the program’s inception in mid November of 2011. We are grateful to all our no-kill partners across the United States who have taken part in our program to help us save these precious lives and hope you will consider partnering with us in these efforts as well. The shelters provide routine medical at no cost to receiving partners. This includes deworming, all vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter, heartworm testing, flea/tick treatment, and health certificates. In the event that a dog is heartworm positive and we have a firm commitment from a transfer partner as well as a local foster, we will provide heartworm treatment prior to transferring the dog at no cost to our partner. If the dogs has mats, fleas, ticks and dirt, DOTM provide grooming, flea/tick dips, and de-ticking. We do ask for a contribution from our partners strictly to help defer the considerable costs of transportation but understand not all partners can contribute. We are more than willing to work with each partner on an individual basis. We will discuss this with you more in detail if your organization is approved. Animals that we can usually place locally are not typically offered on DOGS ON THE MOVE. As a rule, we focus our efforts on urgent dogs that may not be placed through other avenues and are at risk to be euthanized. To achieve our long term goals of mutually beneficial partnerships, we do ask the shelter staffers to interact with the dogs to assess their personality and and try to send "happy go lucky" dogs that make great family pets. We will send photos and sometimes videos of them interacting with other dogs and people, if requested. Once your rescue is approved, we will periodically send you an email featuring animals that are available for transport. You would let us know how many animals you are able to take, your preferences in terms of breed, age, gender and temperament. We always appreciate a partner able to take and place larger dogs, mixed breeds, seniors, or special needs dogs. We send vans regularly to the Mid-west and up the Northeast. Please note that once your hold is placed through us, we rely on our partners to honor those holds and take the pets on their scheduled vans. Any change in scheduling by our partners that necessitates extra boarding will be covered by the receiving transport partner. Our current partners have been very successful in placing our dogs. We hear feedback such as “Florida dogs are golden up here.” It seems that dogs that are abandoned in this area are considered great companions and family dogs up North and through other parts of the country. Below, see just a few photos of our DOTM dogs with their new adopters. Additional information can be found by clicking on our Transport Guidelines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Thank you!

Potential Partner Application